Our Story

Since 1998

The TRAPS DRUMS story began more than 20 years ago.

At this time our company distributes the UK-made Drumsets. In 2005 Mr. Ivor Arbiter the drum designer and owner of the FLATS Company passed away. Towards the end of 2004, the manufacturing arm of Arbiter Group split and was taken over by another company to the disappointment of Alchemy, the former design and manufacturing company of the FLATS drums.

At that point, a decision was made by Nigel Robinson (Former Factory Manager and Designer of Arbiter) and other Ex-Arbiter stuff to put all of their recently conceived plans into a completely new drumset. So with Alchemy’s design and production expertise, mould-making knowledge and a huge machining facility, the TRAPS DRUMS concept was born.

The name TRAPS was derived from the shortening of the word ‚contraptions‘, which was a term once universally, used for drums.



Since then, TRAPS have sold across the world achieving awards and recognition.

In 2019, just in time for Brexit, the english drum manufactorer TRAPS has set some strategic course for the future and moved the main production to a new production facility on the European continent. A new modern plant in Gebertshofen, Oberpfalz aims to improve the supply capability for the European sales markets in the future. With the relocation of production the delivery, capacity of the current A400nc, A300nc, EX400, EX500 models was improved and an expansion of the TRAPS product range was achieved.

Present Days

TRAPS drumsets are the best lightweight drumsets not only for beginners, but also for professional drummers, for small stages and everywhere lightweight but good sounding drumsets are needed.

So feel free to go by train or motorcycle with your TRAPS packed in 2 bags to your gig.