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A400 Acoustic Kit

In Rhythm Magazine in 2005 Geoff Nicholls asked:

"Can a shell-less kit ever stand in for the real thing?"

He concluded:

"Shell-less kits are a viable alternative and Traps A400 is easily the best so far."

The A400 is the first portable kit to feel and sound like a regular drum kit. The drums are constructed from a very high quality and durable A.B.S. and are fitted with Remo heads, steel counter hoops and are tuned with the traditional multi screw tuning system. This also allows the use of pads for silent practicing. The rack system that the drums and hardware fit to is made from substantial steel tubing which means that everything stays exactly where it's put when the kit is set up and doesn't move


E500 Electronic Drum Kit



Now with an IMPROVED DESIGN, the E500 is our newest portable electronic kit.It feels like a regular drum kit and allows for Kit and sound adjustment.

Unlike other electronic drums you get a standard sized set of drums 12" DUAL TRIGGER snare, 10" DUAL TRIGGER tom, 12" tom, 14" tom and 20" kick drum. These are fitted with mesh heads and our new under skin trigger system for near silent performance. So when used with headphones you can turn the volume right up and practice to your hearts content without upsetting the neighbours and/or your parents.





Epad Electronic Silencer Pads


The Traps New EPad system has just been released making it the first trigger pad system to fit conventional drum kits.

Great for silent practice, easy to fit on and fun to play, the EPads give you the opportunity to carry on playing your drum kit with almost no audio sound. Simply place the pads on your drums, plug them in and put your headphones on!

The packs include a standard sized set of pads Fusion (14" snare, 10", 12" & 14" toms and bass trigger) and Rock (14” Snare, 12”, 13” & 14” toms and bass trigger). Other sizes are available on request.