Our Products

A400NC Acoustic

  • Sturdy construction
  • Very portable – 27KG / 60lbs total
  • Small footprint
  • Oil filled tom heads
  • Double sided bass drum
  • Full acting snare with throw off
  • Rubber high grip feet
  • Good quality hardware

“Shell-less kits are a viable alternative and the Traps A400 is easily the best so far.”

The A400 is the first portable kit to feel and sound like a regular drum kit. The drums are constructed from a very high quality and durable A.B.S. and are fitted with Remo heads, steel counter hoops and are tuned with the traditional multi screw tuning system. This also allows the use of pads for silent practicing. The rack system that the drums and hardware fit to is made from substantial steel tubing which means that everything stays exactly where it’s put when the kit is set up and doesn’t move. The lack of a resonant head also makes it ideal for recording or miking up in a live situation. The A400 will also fit neatly into two bags, ideal for the gigging pro,jobbing drummer or teacher going from student/student.

Rack System

The A400 rack mounting system is made from sturdy large diameter chromed steel tubing. The kit can easily be set up for either left or right handed players using the supplied tough ABS multifunctional joints.

When set up the rack is very strong and once fitted with the supplied four large rubber feet stays where it’s placed and doesn’t move. This provides a noticeable improvement in playability compared to other portable drum sets.

Top Quality Hardware

The A400 comes fitted with quality hardware as standard. This includes hi hat and kick drum pedals which are both rugged and free moving. Also include is a snare basket, boom cymbal arms (which can be slid into the frame for easy storage).

The hardware is both reliable and distinctive with black-painted footplates and “Traps” embossed seat squab. They also feature quality chain drives, memory locks, expansion springs and clutches.

12″ Snare drum

The Traps A400 Acoustic snare Drum is as brilliant as it is unique.

The precision shell is moulded from ABS Plastic allowing for extreme high tension tuning. The 8 Lug steel hoop offer precise tuning over a broad spectrum of tunings.

The integral bearing edge offers an exact seating for the factory supplied Remo head.

Unique ‘Paddle Bill’ Throw off, allows instant release of the fully adjustable snare wires. This means that the A400 snare has the additional ability to produce Latin/world percussion sounds or to function as an additional tom.

The plastic also allows the 12  inch Drum to be incredibly light compared to it’s wooden/metal counterpart. Making it amazingly portable as a stand alone instrument, or a superb add on for any conventional drum kit.

A-100/16 Traveler Set Acoustic


  • 16″ bassdrum with riser, Traps double ply head, 8 tuning screws
  • 12″ snaredrum, 8 tuning screws
  • minirack with snarearm
A100/16 ADD-on Package
  • 8″ Traps Tom
  • 1 Special Arm
  • 1 Special Bracket

A700 Double Bass Drumset

A700 Double Bassdrum Acoustic Set
  • with curved full rack system
  • Tom 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″, 16″
  • Bassdrum 20″ (2)
  • Snaredrum 12″ with fixing system
  • HiHat Stand
  • Footpedal (2)

Electronic Range

Traps E snare and Tom drums

  • 8″,10″,12″,14″,16″ and 12″ Snare sizes
  • Compatible with all standard heads
  • Triple ply mesh heads
  • Available in singe and dual zone set up

The Traps Electronic Drum are available in a whole load of sizes.

Traps E-Tom

The precision shell is moulded from ABS Plastic allowing for extreme high tension tuning using the standard drum key design

The integral bearing edge offers an exact seating for drum heads and the ABS plastic also allows the range to be incredibly light compared to it’s wooden/metal counterparts.